Our Program

                                                                                      90/10 Program!

Are you tired of paying your broker huge commission fees for your hard work. They justify the fees by giving you online leads that more times than not don’t close! If you’re working hard to build your own business and working your sphere of influence, than you should keep the bulk of the sales commission. Maybe it’s time to revisit your commission structure.

No corporate/franchise or association fees! You want more? No Transaction fees! 10% commission will be deducted from each transaction UNTIL the Agent’s percentage reaches the CAP amount of $14,000.00. At that time each Agent will be paid 100% commission until the end of their fiscal year. We’ll even pay for your required continuing education expenses!

 Prestige Realty Experts Inc. is NOT A VIRTUAL OFFICE. While some offices are virtual or do not keep regular office ours, we believe your clients are more comfortable working with you knowing that there is a brick and mortar location that they can visit if need be. This insures continuity for your client during a transaction. 

Program details: Your fiscal year begins when you join our team, each fiscal year begins with your first transaction at a 70/30 split, the second transaction is split at 80/20 than the rest of the year your on a 90/10 until you reach your office cap of $14,000 at which point you switch to 100% commission until the end of the year! What we do not offer: office fees, membership or training fees, transaction fees, board association fees and no CE fees (continuing education)!  So if your starting out and need extensive training or practice part-time and are happy with a few sales per year were hear for you. On the other hand if you are full-time and aggressive and highly driven this commission structure has your back! 

We have daily support staff trained to provide agent support answer phone calls, transfer phone  leads to agents, receive client deposits, help clients fill out and sign contracts if needed while you focus your time on selling.

We will provide the very latest tools to your Agents to manage your listings. From signing the first contract to closing the deal – we have the resources to get the job done and make the transaction as seamless as possible for your clients. This includes full MLS access, paperless documents, digital signatures, and IDX/Mobile services.

We offer incentives when you sponsor a new agent to our team, we will pay you 10% of their first sale (from the office split)!

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have additional questions or would like to set up an appointment. All discussions are strictly confidential!